Social media marketing: The most comprehensive targeting platform

Social media is a relatively new, but a revolutionary way to achieve mass communication. With two-thirds of the world's population on social media, there is no better way to reach a myriad of people very quickly. With a bevy of targeting options, there is no more efficient way to send a specific message to a qualified group of people, leading to enhanced revenue. 


Seeing results with paid social media marketing requires a strategic approach and constant optimization including understanding customer journey, building persona profiles, and controlling bids and budgets.


At Illumination Marketing, we are dedicated to driving positive business outcomes for small to medium-sized businesses. We stay current on the newest emerging technology while leveraging the established platforms to derive the plan that fits your business. 

Services We Perform

Content Production

The most vital part of any social media channel and campaign is having the right type of content to connect with the audience you're trying to reach. We start with developing visual content designed to resonate with your current and future customers. 



Remarketing is an incredibly effective way to get your message seen by people who have already shown interest. The ability to "follow" these customers or prospects with specific messaging raises the likelihood of increased sales significantly.


Audience Targeting

Before finding success in the social media world, you need to understand the basics of how the platform works and the purpose of the platform. Since not all channels work for all businesses, we'll help to define your target audience, market, and strategy to reach your customers and prospects.


Lead Gen Ads

By harnessing the power of social media, you can develop leads through proper placement and imaging of posts and ads. By putting clicks and form lead into your marketing funnel, you have the potential for a very profitable channel. 


Bid Management

Once the target market has been identified, the budget must be set in order to adequately reach the intended audience with the proper amount of frequency in order to make your message stick.  In order to avoid a giant money pit, bids must be managed to align with profit.

Ad Copy & Testing

Words resonate differently with different audiences. Depending on your target audience, certain language might work better. Due to this, we put the top copy known and test it to see which response works best with your prospects!


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