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If you are reading this then you may already realize the importance of blogs! In the beginning, there was dial-up and blogs were primarily used as an online personal diary as well as a platform to rant about whatever was on a person’s brain. Now blogs are so much more to us all and used by a WIDE array of people for a wide array of purposes.


So where did the blogs begin? The year of 1994 brought us Tonya Harding scandals, OJ made white Ford Broncos and mismatched gloves famous, Kurt Cobain left us in a shocking manner, The Lion King made us all want to be King and blogs were just making their first appearance.

Believe or not, they actually began as a personal homepage in 1994 on a site called It wasn’t until 1997 that the word “weblog” began being used and shortened into “blog” in 1999. Once LiveJournal made its debut, blogs became a popular platform to say whatever you wanted in public while remaining anonymous or possibly gaining notoriety. The choice was yours and internet users finally found a voice that spoke louder than their html coding skills!

Now that you know where it all began, let’s get to the good stuff: What can blogging do for YOU and YOUR business? As you read this blog, you can see one of the obvious benefits. They let the reader engage with the person BEHIND the curtain. You can gain insight into what the people in the company think, stand for, and possibly even feel. What’s even more surprising is that companies who have blogs have OVER 55% MORE website visits!!!

Not only can blogs give your audience a chance to know you, they can also:

1. Bring Traffic to Your Website

2. Show What Your Business Can Do

3. Bring Results to Your Company Even after Time Has Passed

4. Increase Your SEO and Maintain the Ranking with Consistent Updates

5. Make You an Industry Leader in Your Field

6. Promotes Your Employees, Leadership, and even Business Partners

The list can go on and on forever but now you can see that blogging for your business can take it to whole new heights that you probably didn’t think of before. Did you know 65% of internet users read blogs? That’s well over half and growing by the day! If you have a business and you think surely this doesn’t apply to you? Think again! Now let’s give you a few examples of who can use blogs and how. Maybe this will give you the creative spark you need to get those words flowing for YOUR line of work.

Let’s say you are in the restaurant organization. Do you need a blog? Of course you do! Everyone loves food! Food inspires and fuels a passion inside of us that delights our senses! This is why the dawn of the age of “Foodies” has been sparked and growing by the day. When people enjoy the food you provide them, many of them want the recipe. Feature a recipe of the month! The #1 Item searched for on Pinterest is recipes, so why not take that idea and run with it on your blog!

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If you are a home contractor, how can a blog improve your business? The best way to do this is featuring home improvement tips. This is another HEAVILY searched topic! Why not have your blog appear in their search list with before and after pics of the work you’ve done?! It’s a winning situation for all! Not only do they see what you are capable of, but you’ve provided value for them by teaching them things they can do for themselves as well!

Now you’ve seen what blogs can do for you and who they apply to, so the next step is to get your blog going TODAY! How? Well, it’s simple!

Step 1. Establish a Website to send Customers and Future Customers to

Step 2. Optimize Your Website and set up a Blogging Platform

Step 3. Find your Target Audience and Generate Interesting Topics to Write About

Step 4. Begin Blogging

Step 5. Promote Your Material, Website and Blogs to Your Target Audience

Step 6. Analyze, Revise and Keep Posting that Valuable Content

Keep in mind, not everyone has time to sit and write material. That’s just not everyone’s forte, so to speak. When your time is fully consumed, it never hurts to hire someone to help you in your new blogging venture. If this is the case we suggest you set up your budget to hire a marketing agency to take care of this for you or hire a freelance blogger. Both have been shown to be massively successful. Whichever method you choose, or however you choose to blog, we hope you have massive success! So blog away entrepreneurs and watch your business and audience grow!





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