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Don't Say No to SEO

In a small town with only two restaurants, one barber, and one doctor, word of mouth was the number one way to find what you need, where you need to go and how you need to get there. In today’s society, if we didn’t type it in google, we probably didn’t go!

That’s where the magic of SEO begins. So first, let’s break down what SEO even means. It stands for Search Engine Optimization! The simplest definition would be SEO is the process of getting online traffic from users, to your website through search engine results.

The saying goes “You can have the best business or product in the world, but is it truly the best if no one is buying or knows you are there?” That’s where those 3 magic letters come to life and strike significant importance with your webpage.

So now you understand what those letters mean, but the don’t let the significance of them pass you by! Did you know that in 2017, Google accounted for over 79% of all the global desktop search engine traffic? Google receives over 63,000 searches per second every day of the week at a minimum.

That’s a lot of potential sales. Granted, I think 20 percent of those searches are funny cat videos or adorable Frenchies! That’s a lot of cuteness!

students searching on laptop

If you are still sitting on the fence (Much like Humpty Dumpty was) you might want to pay attention to this next part on why it’s so very crucial to have SEO as part of your business. Remember, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and your business might end up being the next thing to fall if you pass this information by!


1. SEO is Your Digital Calling Card. If you are in business, you more than likely have a business card. It surely has a cool logo that is sure to catch the eye and it lets the person you handed it to know the best way to find you. Well SEO does the same thing for your website. It’s your digital business card. SEO let’s people know where to find you and how to begin doing business with you!

2. SEO is CRITICAL to Marketing and Client Communication. You have to understand business, strategy, economy and finance to make it effective for you and your business. You might run your business, but incorporating the SEO pro’s into the mix, assure that the right eyes will be on your website to draw in the amount of business you need to keep those business doors open. Do you remember the last time you scrolled to page 2 of Google? Neither can I! That’s why having your SEO done effectively is important.

3. SEO Drives Offline Sales. If you have a storefront, there is a good chance you have been relying on people to walk in to shop. Although you will have a percentage who do this, over 86% of consumers used a search engine to even FIND you! That’s why even small stores cannot ignore the importance of online digital media and Search Engine Optimization!


Are we paying attention now and sitting upright at our desk after we see this? We certainly hope so. If you are anything like us, we want to not only stay in business, but we love to grow, expand and one day send our kiddo to a really nice school. If we are doing things right, we can pay for it outright and know we have succeeded in our business goals, and life goals! SEO can help make this happen for you too!

Now you know the what and why, so let’s get to the how…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get started, but you DO have options!

Your first option is to do it yourself. There are so many resources on the web that can get you started, and honestly you SHOULD at least know the basics, so you have an idea of what you are up agains in the world of technology and digital media.

However most businesses take the 2nd route after attempting the first and hire the specialists! Running a business takes time and if it’s YOUR business, you definitely know the countless hours you put in. Once you put it into the hands of a specialist, set aside a budget to invest in this service as well have a report ready at the end of each month to show you what’s working and what can be improved upon.

If you are doing your business right and going as well as growing, you have done your research and hired a marketing agency. The best part about this, is most agencies have SEO built into their pricing. This makes it SUPER simple when writing the checks and balancing that budget each month. Know what you are getting and make sure your investment is returned with sales, clicks, and ranking!

If you have anymore questions about SEO, or would like us to optimize yours, send us a message, give us a call and we’d be happy to help out! Just remember to say YES and make your SEO the best! Until next week……







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