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Email Marketing is Alive and Well

As I have discovered, most people have pronounced email marketing as dead and deceased without even checking it's pulse. It's not dead at all. It was just abandoned temporarily by a great deal of businesses until they finally began to realize, HEY, this added value. Why did we take this away?

Let's outline what email marketing even is. Before you answer quickly and say, well it's obviously you sending out emails to customers. Let's not be Captain Obvious even though I hear he is quite observant. Email marketing is so much more than that.

Although social media is CRUCIAL to 90% of marketing strategies for business, emailing customers has been proven to bring in new business as well as work to retain the loyal customers. It let's customers know you are still around and ready to provide a service, contest, or product that could potentially improve their life.

email marketing on a laptop

As a business owner, by now I'm sure you know that you are valuable and can provide that value to many others. The problem is, without marketing, how will others know?

Email marketing has been shown to provide the best return on investment (ROI). Why, you ask...because of those handy dandy little devices that most of us rarely put down, even when walking. We are busy busy people today with all of our multitasking, and if you are like most people, checking your email tends to be one of the first and last things you do every day. It's almost like a ritual.

Say it with me: Wake up. Caffeinate. Check Email. Work. Lunch Break. Check Email again. Work. Go home. Eat. Check email. Watch funny cat videos. Sleep. Wake annnnnnnnd Repeat!

Cell phones and their mobile apps allow us to check our email with such ease and convenience. This makes email marketing a VERY viable source for your strategy to build and keep customers. It keeps you from being forgotten.

Example: If I visited a hamburger restaurant last month and subscribed to their newsletter, I get an email from them today saying "Hey Mr or Mrs Friendly Customer! We have a NEW topping on our pizza that you haven't tried today! Come in this week and get a free side of bread sticks!" Wow, I'm suddenly hungry again because a girl's gotta eat and man oh man does that cheesy concoction look tasty. I think I'll go back today.

Tada! Email marketing works! It allows us to try new things, reminds us of what may have slipped our minds, and maybe we even get the best deal ever because we came in for the deal of the month!

Now you know WHAT it is and WHY your company could use it, let's explain how.

Step 1. Set your goals. Ask yourself what do you want to accomplish through this and who is your target audience to accomplish that with.

Step 2. Build Your Email List. You can do this through subscriptions, promotional offers on your website, or through your social media channels. Example: "Subscribe to our newsletter today and receive 10% off your first order"

Step 3. Select the type of campaigns you want to send. You can send newsletters, promotional offers, or even a contest they can enter.

Step 4. Create your first email campaign! Get ready to launch and away we go!

Step 5. Measure the results! How did you do? What can you do better next time and what will be your next campaign to launch?

Now that you have the steps you need, it's time to resuscitate your marketing strategy. Let your customers and potential customers know that you are alive and kicking! We hope you have enjoyed this information and if you want to learn more, subscribe to our newsletter or Follow us on Social Media!




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