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Video Marketing - Video For Your Business

Wondering if your business should take the plunge into video marketing? With video taking an ever-increasing role in the spotlight on the internet stage - now is the right time to invest in this major platform. So what are you waiting for? Let’s hit some of the key points showing the crucial importance of including videography in your company’s marketing strategy for 2020 and beyond.

Why Video?

In today’s digital media world - video is king. And for good reason.

Our attention spans are getting shorter, and we’re all used to instant gratification in everything from how we order our hand soap and toilet paper (Hello, Amazon Prime!) to how we get our information (Tell me what I need to know in 5 seconds).

Videos help capture user attention in those crucial first few seconds to retain distracted viewers who are scrolling their feed looking for the next quick hit. A well-made video connects with your audience and draws them in. In fact, 66% of internet users say they prefer to watch a video from a brand over any other form of online communication.

And after watching, people are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other content type.

Best of all, the capabilities of video go far beyond that of a flat print ad or email. Videos paint a story using transitions, imagery, music, dialog and other elements that touch the viewer’s emotions in a way that other marketing methods simply can’t.

Video Marketing Trends

From “Netflix and chill” on date night to Zoom meetings in the living room – there’s no mistaking that today’s world lives online. Your customer is highly mobile and highly digital as they engage with everything from LinkedIn to TikTok. And statistics show that if you’re not there too – you’re missing them.

According to Wyzowl's 2020 State of Video Marketing Survey, the average person watches more than 16 hours of online video per week - and 86% reported they'd like to see more video from brands. (And this was before the Coronavirus confined us all to our homes with pretty much nothing to do but get online and watch funny cat videos!)

And on the business side, more than 80% of video marketers say they have seen a positive ROI on their video content including increased traffic, sales and revenue as well as improved lead generation. The data is clear - investing in corporate videography is definitely a worthy endeavor!

In fact, the percentage of businesses using video as a part of their marketing strategy has increased since 2016 from 61% to 85%. Are you part of the 15% still not onboard?

If you’re not engaging with your customers in this way - you’re missing out on a huge potential opportunity to turn followers into fans.

In order to keep up in today’s increasingly digital world, you have to meet your customers where they are. According to the Social Video Trends: Consumer Insights for 2020 report put out by Animoto, Facebook is the top platform where companies plan to invest their video marketing spend over the next year, followed (not surprisingly) by YouTube and Instagram. More and more marketers are finding out the great potential value of engaging with their customers on social media through digital media content.

And the numbers just keep going up - 70% of businesses surveyed said they have found themselves utilizing more videos this year than compared to the previous year.

Types of Corporate Videography

Ok great – you’ve decided you see the value in adding more videography to your business’s marketing strategy but now what? What type of content should you invest in and which should you do first? Here are some of the buckets Illumination Marketing (or a similar videographer near you) typically produces video content in:

Corporate Profiles & Brand Videos – Far from the stuffy monologues of the past, today’s corporate profile video captures your brand’s unique vision, voice and culture in a vibrant way through cinematic storytelling and masterful videography. These videos are great for use during the launch or rebranding of your business, or other important occasions such as the introduction of your new CEO to the outside world.

Testimonials & Story Videos – Due to the human element, testimonies and stories are one of the most engaging ways to interact with your followers through video. These authentic and often emotional productions let your customers peek behind the curtain a bit to see the heart underneath your business.

Showcase Videos – Perhaps the most common online video these days, these effective mini vignettes serve to highlight one particular feature of your brand, showcase new business concepts or demonstrate a product. (Think real estate tours, fun social media videos or quick how-to clips.)

Sales Videos – Just like it sounds! Sales videos are promotional videography designed specifically for digital ads, commercials, client recruitment and any other sales situation.

Overcoming Objections to Video Marketing

So why do some businesses stay stuck in the print age? If you’ve found yourself there, chances are you’re hoping to innovate and stay relevant but not sure where to start.

Perhaps you think you don’t have an interesting enough story to tell or a cohesive vision to show? You would be surprised by the content gold mines that can be found in EVERY business if you just dig deep. Every single brand – big or small – has a story to tell. Remember that ultimately your story is the customer’s story. So whether you’re capturing the comforts of home to promote your cleaning service, or telling the story of your restaurant’s fresh recipes to invoke your patrons’ own warm memories of family traditions – there’s sure to be some way to connect to their emotions through video.

But what if you know you have a great story to tell if only you had the means to tell it?

Maybe a generational gap at your office has led to a disagreement on which marketing avenues to invest in, or your company is experiencing a bit of a power struggle internally as some key players aren’t quite sold on the value of video marketing. To help convince the “powers that be” at your firm, try hitting them with this statistic – a whopping 84% of people report that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service through watching a brand’s video.

Houston Videography Services

If you’re wanting to enter the video marketing space but just don’t have the time or the resources – we can help! Here at Illumination Marketing, we produce high-quality video content for businesses and brands; taking you through the entire process from script to shoot to editing.

Located just outside of Houston, we also serve clients in nearby Cypress, Tomball, Spring, and the surrounding areas. As a full-service media agency, we offer graphic design, media buying, website creation, email marketing, and many other services in addition to corporate videography.

At Illumination Marketing, our talented team of creative professionals utilizes the latest in cinematography and editing technology to tell your brand’s story through film. We’ll work with you to create captivating, engaging video content that will both attract followers and convert them into fans. So contact us today and let’s talk through how we can help bring your unique story to life!


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