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Running a business is hard. Entrepreneurship takes money, dedication, attention to detail, and an inordinate amount of time in order to make sure all aspects of the business are running smoothly. We know this feeling all too well.

With all of the day-to-day struggles of running a business, everyone occasionally needs an extra perspective to maintain balance and grow. Different experiences, different backgrounds, and different education bring a fresh perspective to every business. 



At Illumination Marketing, we are dedicated to driving positive business outcomes for all sized businesses to larger corporations. We have experience in all types of industries including healthcare, hospitality, beauty. automotive, real estate, and more!  

Industries We've Served

We take a look at all aspects of your full marketing and media strategy from the content you post to the way you respond to inquiries. We even develop sales systems that help generate automated leads.


Marketing is a broad spectrum idea. Many do it, but it's very hard to master. The perfect mix of marketing involves product knowledge, psychology, and an analytical mind. We can help you learn.



Wining, dining and eating out at restaurants and bars are some of America's favorite past times. However, with squeezed margins and additional liabilities, you need to run effectively.

Health & Beauty

Do you love helping people feel their best or most attractive, but don't quite understand how to get more customers to help? With the proper marketing, you can have a steady stream of clients.

Real Estate

Real Estate is fun, glamorous, and can lead to massive profits. If you don't know how to get more clients, you'll spend more time stressing out than enjoying life. We can help make your life easier by making your client acquisition patterns more predictable. 


Automotive is an extremely competitive niche. While progressive in its marketing patterns, it still difficult to know if you're investing in the right places. The good news is there is an easier way. We can tell you what that is.


Personal Branding

Personal branding is a fine art of being able to position yourself so people pay attention. The true secret comes when you figure out how to monetize your brand.  Whether you're trying to be a singer, politician, or social media star, we have the strategy to help you.



The medical industry is one that is highly regulated and constantly changing. Whether having to keep up with the changing ICD codes or various reimbursement models, marketing is usually the last thing on a company's mind. We can help with that!


Accountants are extremely talented when it comes to numbers. They know taxes, tax code, returns, payroll, and more! Often times, obtaining new customers through marketing efforts isn't included in everything they know. We can help develop a strategy to increase business.


The justice system is an industry in which there is always a need. People will always need representation for the various legal disputes they have. We can help develop a system to win new customers in a predictable and repeatable fashion.

What Our Customers Say

Meet Joe

"We were very unstructured and most of our business had come from word of mouth...[they] changed our perspective on how we should be marketing and selling our services. [They] create a focus that many companies need."


Hear how Joe Craigen feels Illumination Marketing helped Visualutions to grow their revenue through marketing.

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