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Business Marketing Services

Marketing with Proven and Effective Business Strategies

Business Marketing

Professional & Effective Marketing Tactics

Customized for Real Business Growth

Create Strategies to Gain

New Customers and Retain

Current Customes

Create Effective Brand



Build and/or Manage

Social Channels

Increase Revenue with Digital

& Online Resources

Businesses spend a lot of their time putting money into their sales staff, their office building, their operations, and even their software. Where many startups and other businesses fail, is neglecting to invest in their marketing efforts from the very beginning.  Our business marketing services are the absolute key to gaining new customers to drive revenue but it's also vital to retaining current customers once they've done business with you. 

We like to think of marketing as the business's personal ATM machine. You put money in and you see money come back out in return. If not done by professionals, or with limited marketing experience, this can easily go from being an investment, into a very disorganized risk. While some entrepreneurs are comfortable taking risks with their overall budget, we recommend hiring professionals to come up with an organized plan to use strategic proven marketing game plans for business growth. 


At Illumination Marketing, we are dedicated to driving positive business outcomes for all-sized businesses to larger corporations. We have experience in all types of industries including healthcare, hospitality, restaurant, beauty, finance, automotive, real estate, and more! Hiring professionals can not only save you money in the long run but will eventually be the driving force as you begin watching your revenue rise. 


For more information on how professional business marketing services in Houston can help your business, please call us, email, or complete the form at the bottom of our page.  

Services We Offer

We are a full-service media and marketing company with the complete capabilities of providing whatever your company needs to drive revenue and grow! Our business marketing services help you get closer to your goals. Find out what we do to market your business online.

Social Media 

With billions of people using social media, it makes sense for businesses to go where their customers are to gain their attention. We can set up your social channels, optimize them, manage them, and even create customized content/graphics that are eye-catching.



Video is one of the most popular and engaging forms of customized content found online. With video platforms drastically on the rise, it makes perfect sense to provide videos for social media content, testimonials, explainer, corporate training, branding, and more.

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Reaching customers and your audience by email is still an effective marketing strategy. Not only can you encourage your potential customers to join your mailing list, but keeping your regular customers coming back for sales, specials, and the latest items can keep your business effectively growing.

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Increase your visibility online and get found by local search engines ahead of your competition. Let the professionals research keywords, provide backlinks, provide on-page optimization, and much more to ensure your customers are finding you first.

Website Creation

Your website is your anchor and your place to tell the world who you are as a business, what you represent, and what you offer. We provide customized and professionally designed websites that take businesses to the next level of online marketing.


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Everyone loves organic content, but it still pays to invest in paid advertising. We create colorful customized ads for your ideal target audience, in order to gain their attention and increase your revenue. We also create printed graphics, menus, and designs that you can hang outside your store-front or inside for your customers to see.


We provide top-notch lighting, cameras, and equipment in order to bring your photos to a stunning and professional level. From corporate headshots to fun pictures of staff on the job, we enjoy bringing your business to life for your website, social media, and any other customized content you may need.


Is your business in need of brand strategy, innovative ideas, or help finding your target audience? Our business marketing services can do it all. No matter what size your business is, consulting with professionals can help you formulate a game-winning plan for your business's marketing future.


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CRM System

Having a way to keep your customer and prospect communications organized isn't just a luxury. It's a necessity. A CRM system can help you and your team stay organized so you can focus on other important tasks. We provide team CRM training and automation builds for your everyday tasks.

What Our Customers Say

Meet Amber

"It's incredible to see what good marketing can do for your company. It's pretty amazing because you don't get that kind of service with other marketing companies"


Hear how Amber Garcia feels Illumination Marketing helped Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen to grow through effective strategic marketing plans.

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For more information, call (832) 753-6124 or contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.

We have helped companies in multiple industries grow revenue through marketing! We have the experience and expertise to help you create a tailored marketing plan for your unique company. We're so confident we can help you, we offer a complimentary strategy session to help you set the direction of your marketing plan with no obligations to us.

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