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Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media

Everyone we know is on social media. Your friends, your local businesses, your mom and even grandma logs in to check on you and tell you how you should be living your life. When you are running a business, social media is vital. Whether you think you have it down or perhaps you are struggling, here are 10 simple tips you can use to optimize those channels of yours to get more: Likes, Follows, Shares, And Views!

1. MAKE YOUR BANNERS STAND OUT! Once they click your link, this is the first thing they see on Facebook and Twitter! You have 1 minute tops to catch their attention and even less than that to keep it, so make it professional and eye catching!

2. UPDATE YOUR BIO AND ABOUT SECTIONS! This tells them who you are and what you do. It gets straight to the point. If you left it blank, customers are left feeling blank, thinking “Why am I here” and “Why did I click this link again”. Be clear, be brief, and be entertaining if you can.

3. ADD KEYWORDS. These words aid the customer or viewer to see you when they are conducting a search. This is very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

4. LINK ALL OF YOUR PROFILES! If you have a pinterest, link it to your website. On your website, have links to ALL of your social media profiles. This sometimes can be done with tagging or in your “about section”. See tip #1!

5. USE VISUAL CONTENT! Sometimes it may be easier to type a sentence or two with a link to your profile but statistics show that you are 18% more likely to have post engagement if you use an image!

6. POST OFTEN! We all have lives and get busy! Most of us want to pull our head up and away from electronics for a day, a minute or maybe even a second. Afterall, bathroom breaks are important! What we mean is strive to post daily. If that time is elusive to you, you can always use programs like Buffer or Sprout Social to post on a schedule for you. Work smarter and not harder.

7. KEEP YOUR BRAND CONSISTENT! You may think looking the same, channel by channel, is boring but I assure you customers want things to match. Imagine with one outfit you wear two white socks and with the next outfit, you have on one yellow sock and one purple one. This thought honestly makes me want to burn all my socks and start over, but I digress. To sum it up, matching works and is visually appealing.

8. RESPOND TO MESSAGES ALWAYS and PROMPTLY! I do believe we covered the part about how busy we can all get but remember, this is usually the customers FIRST impression of you. How fast your respond shows how important clients are to you. The best way to make sure you respond quickly is through auto-responders. It buys you a little more time when you cant get to email immediately and lets customers see they are valued.

9. FOCUS ON YOUR TIMING! Be sure to see when your fans/customers are online. Posting at optimal times allows a better chance for your post to be seen, and to be seen by MORE people!

10. DON’T FORGET THOSE CALLS TO ACTION! Have you ever walked into someone’s home and read these words on their doormat “Don’t forget to wipe your Feet!” That’s a call to action. Hopefully you complied and didn’t drag your muddy shoes into their hallway. It’s the same with your page. A customer goes to your profile and sees a product they like….now what?! With calls to action, people know what to expect and will usually comply. Examples: Follow Me, Click Here to Learn More, Like My Page! As I always say, maps of the world are beautiful, but if you give me directions I’ll know how to get there sooner!

Hopefully you’ve taken the time to read these tips and we can’t wait for you to see better results! As always, don’t forget to like our pages, follow us, and share these tips everywhere you can! Happy Optimizing!!!

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