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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing

With the economy on a steady plunge and costs on a continuous rise, large businesses and corporations have found themselves looking for ways to get targeted high-end marketing results, without breaking their quarterly budgets. After the pandemic and great resignation began, more and more qualified marketing experts have chosen to work remotely with astounding results. This has led to major companies asking the question on everyone’s mind, “What are the benefits of outsourcing my marketing?”

Let’s outline the major points and benefits of putting your marketing in the hands of an incredible external team or local marketing agency.

Outsourcing is Cost-Effective

As your company grows or you desire it to expand, investing in a full-time marketing team in-house can become expensive. Costs generally include salaries, bonuses, office space, office equipment, health insurance, 401k, overtime, and other varied expenses. An exceptional marketing team should include:

Of course, some of the salaried hires can fill more than one of these positions, but hiring specialists for each individual field can produce maximum results for your business or corporation. By utilizing outsourcing for your marketing, you can hire an ENTIRE marketing agency for a fraction of the cost.

Most marketing agencies already have specialists on staff with excellent qualifications.


For an additional list of these specialized services that require expert attention, please look here.


Marketing agencies generally offer monthly packages with experts already on hand to give you the best marketing results without your company dealing with the typical staffing issues or additional expenses. The best part is, you pay only for what services you need.

Outsourcing Provides Expanded Capabilities

Oftentimes, large corporations and businesses have multiple projects and deadlines. An in-house marketing team is typically limited with its resources, limited staffing, and time is limited per project delegated. Most companies have a 40-hour workweek without delving into extensive overtime expenses or even additional hires.

Outsourcing to a marketing agency can not only expand your capabilities but can maximize your resources as well. With a team of experts on hand, marketing agencies can work within your budget and your deadlines within reason. They can also delegate and staff according to your company’s marketing needs.

Outsourcing Saves You Time

The popular saying that “Time is money” still rings true today. In business, we are only afforded so many work hours per week, and getting things done effectively is important. An in-house team or staff requires someone to manage them and keep them on task. A typical marketing team can range from a staff of 5 to 10 and would require an additional hire of a marketing manager or another staff member to keep things flowing.

With an outside marketing agency, usually, one point of contact is established. That point of contact will keep you updated, be available for any insights, be available to establish any project changes, and will be in charge of delegating what needs to be done for you. This can save you countless hours and a great deal of stress.

When is Outsourcing Right for You and Your Business:

Now that you’ve seen some of the major benefits of outsourcing your company’s needs to an expert local marketing agency, you may ask yourself, “When should I begin outsourcing my marketing?” If you are ready to take the big leap, here are a few indicators that it may be time to make that call:

  • Your company or business is growing

  • Your company or business has become stagnant but is positioned to grow

  • You need an out of the box strategy with expanded resources

  • Your company or business is rebranding or aligning with a new vision

  • You are in need of a team of experts in their field

  • Your time and resources are limited for marketing efforts

  • Your in-house marketing staff is in need of additional marketing services or direction

  • You need to stay current and updated with the latest marketing trends

Once you’ve decided that outsourcing is the right choice for your business, do your research to find the right marketing agency for you. Set aside a budget to invest in the appropriate services you will need, and always shop around. Be clear with what you are looking for and be open to any expert suggestions that could help you achieve your marketing goals. We hope you have found all of this wonderful information useful in your quest to discover the amazing benefits of hiring an agency.

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