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Content is King and the Platform is Queen

Content Marketing for You and Your Business

The year 2019 has been an exciting one in the world of marketing. Chatbots began to make a stronger appearance in our messengers, social media platforms crashed unexpectedly making us all run to our office windows to watch for an impending apocalypse, a light was shone on micro influencers (take THAT major influencers), and content marketing began to become one of the most important pieces of all of our marketing plans.

First you might ask, what exactly IS content marketing. It can be videos, blogs or even social media posts that you provide and/or create to gain interest in your business. What is it about? Content marketing is about creating the right message and putting it in front of the right audience. If you’ve ever did the morning or afternoon social media scroll, your feed is generally filled with it. You might see a friend talking on their video to explain how great their eye shadow is, or perhaps someone shared a Garfield inspired quote about why Mondays aren’t so bad after all.

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The great thing about content marketing is A. You can do it yourself and B. It doesn’t have to break your bank which is a pretty big bonus if you are on a limited budget like most entrepreneurs. One of the greatest things about content marketing is the exposure you can get to an almost unlimited amount of potential customers. The possibilities are seemingly endless but the best part about it is the users LOVE authentic content. It takes you from being a company logo, to becoming a person they can connect to and buy from.

For example, in Houston, we all know and love Mattress Mack. We can buy furniture anywhere but we love his face, personality, and what he does for the local community. His content isn’t just his logo everywhere saying SALE SALE SALE. It’s his personality, his charisma, and knowing who is behind the company that can take you from “My 15 year old lumpy mattress is just fine” to “Well maybe I’ll go check this guy out.”

The last question you should be asking is “Hey internet article/blog writing person whom I’ve never met, does it even work? I have things other things to do like scrolling past this article to read about the top 10 ways I can use bacon grease and NOT feel guilty.” Well fret no more my bacon loving internet friend. It DOES work! In 2019 alone, 91% of consumers are prepared to reward brands for their authenticity in their content. Wow! For business to business marketing, over 80 percent of educational content and email campaigns are used to develop their audience.

That’s a whole lot of content being made, and we as consumers use it as a “yellow brick road” on our buying journey to the land of Oz. So if you haven’t began your content creation journey yet, begin today. You can’t go far if you don’t start walking. Each step whether big or small, is a step towards success.


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