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What are YouTube Shorts and Why Should You Use Them

Have you heard of YouTube shorts? They’re taking the world by storm with their popularity climbing each and every month since its launch. Shorts are designed to be quick, snackable content that can be easily created and shared on the platform. They can be edited with music, filters, and other creative tools, and they appear in a dedicated feed alongside other short-form videos.

YouTube Shorts History

YouTube Shorts is a short-form video feature on the platform that was first introduced in India in September 2020 as a response to the popularity of TikTok, which was banned in India at the time. The feature allowed users to create and share 15-seconds video clips set to music or with a soundtrack created by the user.

YouTube Shorts quickly gained popularity and was rolled out to more countries in the following months, including the United States. It has since become a popular way for users to create and share short, creative, and entertaining videos on the platform.

YouTube Shorts Capabilities

YouTube has also introduced a range of tools and features to help users create and edit Shorts, including a multi-segment camera, speed controls, and the ability to add text and effects. The platform has also launched a music library for Shorts, making it easier for users to find and use music in their videos. Let’s look at some of the ways you can customize your Shorts to make them more engaging, eye-catching, and effective in communicating your message.


One of the most important elements of any video is the background music. With Shorts, you can add background music to your videos by choosing from a library of licensed music on the platform. This can help to set the tone of your video and create a more immersive viewing experience. Additionally, you can also upload your own music to use as a soundtrack. This can be a great way to personalize your Shorts and make them stand out.


Shorts come with a variety of filters that you can apply to your videos to enhance the visual look and feel. These filters can help to change the colors, lighting, and other aspects of your video, giving it a unique and eye-catching appearance. Whether you want to create a vintage look or add a pop of color to your video, the filters in Shorts can help you achieve the desired effect.


In addition to filters, Shorts also come with a variety of effects that you can use to add special elements to your videos. These effects can include animations, text, and stickers, and can help to bring your Shorts to life. For example, you could add a text overlay to your video to provide context for your audience or use animations to highlight a particular product or feature.


Another useful customization tool in Shorts is the ability to control the speed of your videos. You can make your Shorts play faster or slower, depending on the desired effect. This can be a great way to create more dynamic and engaging videos, and can also help to showcase your products or services in new and interesting ways.

Text and Captions

In addition to the visual elements of your Shorts, you can also add text and captions to help convey your message. Captions can be especially useful for those who may be watching your video without sound, and text overlays can help to provide additional context for your audience.

Timer and Countdown

Finally, Shorts come with a timer and countdown feature to help you create videos that are precisely 15 seconds in length. This can be a useful tool to help you stay within the constraints of the platform, and can also help to ensure that your videos are concise and to the point.

Why Use YouTube Shorts For Business

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using YouTube Shorts for your business or brand:

1. Reach a wider audience: YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, with over 2 billion monthly active users. By creating and sharing short-form videos on YouTube Shorts, you can reach a wider audience and increase your brand's visibility.

2. Connect with your audience: YouTube Shorts allows you to create more authentic, raw and engaging content that can help you connect with your audience in a more personal way.

3. Cost-effective: Creating short-form videos for YouTube Shorts is a cost-effective way to produce content for your brand. It can be produced with minimal equipment and editing, making it an accessible option for any business.

4. Increase engagement: YouTube Shorts allows users to add music and other creative elements to their videos, which can increase engagement and make your videos more shareable.

5. Better visibility in search: YouTube Shorts are indexed by the YouTube algorithm, which means they are more likely to appear in search results and recommended videos. This can increase the chances of your videos being discovered by new audiences.

6. Boost brand awareness: YouTube Shorts can help you boost your brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website. By creating engaging, shareable content, you can increase your brand's reach and attract new customers.

Ways Businesses Can Use YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to reach and engage with their target audience on the platform. Here are some ways businesses can use YouTube Shorts:

Product demonstrations

One of the key ways businesses can use YouTube Shorts is by creating product demonstrations. These short videos are a great way to show off a product in action, demonstrating its features and benefits. By creating product demonstrations, businesses can give their audience a better understanding of what their product does and how it can help solve a problem. These videos can also be used to highlight key selling points and differentiate the product from competitors.

Behind-the-scenes content

YouTube Shorts can also be used to give your audience a glimpse into the inner workings of your business. This type of content can include the making of a product, a day in the life of your employees, or a sneak peek of a new project. Behind-the-scenes content can help build a personal connection with your audience, as well as provide valuable insights into the inner workings of your business.

Customer testimonials

Another way businesses can use YouTube Shorts is by encouraging customer testimonials. By having customers share their experiences with your product or service in a short video, you can provide valuable social proof to potential customers. These videos can also be shared on your channel to help build credibility and increase trust in your brand.

Brand storytelling

YouTube Shorts can also be used to tell the story of your brand. This type of content can showcase your values, mission, and the people behind the business. By telling the story of your brand, you can build a stronger emotional connection with your audience, which can lead to increased brand loyalty.

Influencer partnerships

Another way businesses can use YouTube Shorts is by partnering with influencers in their industry. By creating Shorts that feature your product or service, you can reach a wider audience and build credibility for your brand. Influencer partnerships can also help you reach a new and untapped audience, as well as provide valuable social proof for your brand.

Promotions and discounts

Finally, businesses can use YouTube Shorts to announce special offers, promotions, and discounts. By creating short videos that highlight these offers, businesses can encourage their audience to take advantage of them. This type of content can be used to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, YouTube Shorts is a powerful tool for businesses and brands looking to increase their online presence and reach a wider audience. With the ability to create engaging, cost-effective content, and boost brand awareness, YouTube Shorts is a great addition to any marketing strategy.

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